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Robert Eric Montgomery, founder of Smileactives, is a biochemist and innovator with over 90 cosmetic and dental patents. He and the scientists behind Smileactives worked with consumer, dentists and hygienists to determine what teeth whitening product features mattered the most. They have revolutionized at-home teeth whitening with the Power Whitening Gel and Advanced Teeth Whitening Pen taking teeth whitening to the next level of convenience and simplicity without compromising results. All you have to do is brush.

robert eric montgomery
biochemist / innovator

his story

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After training as a biochemist at Swarthmore College and Georgetown University, Mr. Montgomery began his career by engineering new cosmetic and dental solutions, many of which have transformed both the professional and consumer marketplaces.

He is one of the original founders of the leading nail care company OPI Products and the
developer of the one-hour light activated tooth whitening process for BriteSmile®

Mr. Montgomery — and the
scientists behind Smileactives—
worked with consumers, dentists and
hygienists to determine the teeth
whitening product features that
mattered most

Over the past 30 years, Mr. Montgomery has worked to improve professional tooth whitening products and find innovative ways to adapt these technologies for home-use at affordable prices.

about the company

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Smileactives - behind the brand

Smileactives was determined to develop technologies that delivered professional-grade, oral care products directly to the consumer for at-home use.

Smileactives worked with consumers, dentists, and hygienists to find out what tooth whitening product features mattered most - such as ease of use, the number of days to noticeable whitening, and specific type of stain removal such as red wine and coffee.

The Smileactives ORIGINAL Tooth Whitening pen was launched on QVC in 2010 as the first professional strength at-home whitening pen. Two years later, Smileactives VIBRITE® Tooth Whitening pen was launched, the first-ever vibratory applicator device for tooth whitening.

Responding to customers' requests for a whitening product that worked quickly while simply brushing teeth, Smileactives developed its patent-pending Polyclean® technology featured in the Smileactives Power Whitening Gel.

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