About the Products

Power Whitening Gel

Made with proprietary Polyclean® technology, our signature whitening gel blends with any toothpaste in your medicine cabinet to supercharge your tooth-brushing regimen. A powerful micro-foam penetrates tooth enamel to help lift and remove stains — with visible results within 30 days. And your future smile is protected.

Vibrite Sonic Toothbrush

Match a powerful formula to a powerful tool with an electric toothbrush that helps maintain your smile via 40,000 brushstrokes a minute. Customizable to your brushing routine, it offers three modes: cleaning, whitening and massaging. A USB-charging case also lets you carry it anywhere, anytime while a UV-disinfecting brush head station keeps things sanitized.

Advanced Teeth Whitening Pen

Designed for last-minute touchups and intense treatments alike, this concentrated whitening pen delivers visible results within 7 days. In a clinical study, patients found their smiles whitened by an average of 6 shades after using two to four times daily. Affixed with a convenient brush applicator, the twist-action pen carefully paints the formula onto each tooth for a powerful whitening effect — no strips or trays necessary.